Monday, November 21, 2005


Stand Up For Democracy and Environmental Justice In Honduras

The people of Honduras deserve a better life.
Manifestacion Contra La Corrupcion del govierno de Honduras

Illegal logging in Honduras is destroying the rainforest there.

Rampant corruption in the Honduran government is allowing massive illegal logging to occur, even in "protected" parks such as the world-renowned Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve.

Manifestación Contra La Corrupción

The upcoming Honduran presidential election on November 27th gives us a chance to voice our support for true democracy and condemn corruption and deforestation! We need YOUR HELP - please join us in mobilizing for this demonstration. Let's make it clear that the global community will not support the spread of corruption!

For more information or to RSVP, please call us at

202-667-4400 or email tanya.hon (at)

See the report on the Honduran Illegal Logging Crisis at

Please come out and help us tell the Government of Honduras to end the illegal logging.

WHERE: The Honduran Embassy

3007 Tilden Street, N.W. Up the hill from the Van Ness Metro Stop.

WHEN: Tuesday, November 22 from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm.

The people of Honduras do not benefit from the logging industry. Their homes are often made from corrugated steel, or sometimes even grasses.

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Report Back on CounterRecruitment Action

That was a very funny scene, albeit quite cold.
Spirits were high, really high, on both sides,

The negative side was the Freepers,

Loud and in your face obnoxious, accusing everyone they thought would think differently from them, of being a communist. They yelled anti communist slogans. They held the kind of signs up that reminded you of when your mother told you, "Sticks and stones --- " They were high strung and all white, and mostly loud and clueless.
They like to demean others and laugh and make fun of them. Poor fellas. Imagine having a mind that narrow.
It was nice of them to show up at the counterrecruitment demonstration and double the number of people who came.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Demonstration at Silver Spring Recruiting Station

(Read Carefully)

The U.S. Army offers exciting careers and excellent benefits for young men and women. Although the job market may be tough for recent high school graduates, a career in the infantry is an exciting and lucrative option!

Infantry enlistees attend Infantry OSUT (One Station Unit Training), which combines Army Basic Training and Infantry AIT (Advanced Individual Training), all in one free 13-week course. The training takes place primarily in the field, with some classroom training. The reality is, though, that infantry training never really stops! Whether taking part in squad maneuvers, target practice or war games, Infantrymen are constantly working to keep their skills sharp and are in a constant state of preparedness. It is an exciting way of life.

During that training, Infantry enlistees are allowed to list their specific infantry job preferences. Upon graduation from OSUT, Infantry enlistees are assigned to one of the following Infantry specialties:

Infantryman (11B)
Indirect Fire Infantryman (11C)

Helpful attributes include:

Ability to work as a team member
Readiness to accept a challenge and face danger
Ability to stay in top physical condition
Willingness to slaughter innocent civilians
Interest in light weapons and ground tactics
Ability to remain calm in stressful situations

The job skills you learn as an Infantryman are teamwork, discipline and leadership that will help you with any career you choose. The skills you acquire during your training will most certainly prepare you for a future civilian career in federal, state and local law enforcement. People depend on police officers and detectives to protect and defend their lives and property.

Join the US Army!

The DC Antiwar Network and the National Youth and Student Peace Coalition are calling for a demonstration in front of the U.S. Armed Forces Recruiting Center located at 8202 Georgia Avenue in Silver Spring, Maryland Thursday, November 17 from 5:00 pm. to 7:00 pm.


The station is located three blocks from the Silver Spring Metro at the intersection of Silver Spring Ave. and Georgia Ave. From the South Side Metro Exit, walk one block east on Bonifant St. to Georgia Avenue, then right 2 blocks to the recruiting station. Driving on Georgia Ave. from DC, the recruiting station is on the left, about two blocks past East-West Highway (Rt. 410).

- Col Pat Elder
(Peace Army)

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Direct Action at the American Enterprise Institute

On Wednesday November 9th 2005, there was a protest rally outside the office of the American Enterprise Institute because Iraqi Prime Minister Ahmed Chalabi was scheduled to speak at AEI at 2:00 pm. About 30 people participated in the rally demonstration and the same amount of press was there to cover the rally and the speech by Mr. Chalabi.

Chalabi is notoriouis for his role in the start of the war in Iraq. Before the war, he was an exile in this country and had the ear many a neocon upstart, when he claimed there were twenty secret WMD sites in Iraq that just never existed. Chalabi has proven himself to be a smooth operator with questionable ethics. He was convicted in Jordan of embezzlement in Jordan. He has been on and off the take of American taxpayers' dollars for many years. He is one who has profited substantially from the war in Iraq.

The demonstrators read a letter to Mr. Chalabi, carried signs and held banners, and shouted slogans as people passed by in the street or on their way inside to hear what Chalabi had to say.


Because We Care--WPC's next door neighbor

Because We Care sponsored a health and wellness seminar yesterday. They called it, “A Holistic Approach to Managing Stress and Cardiovascular Disease,” the Lottie B. Matthews Annual Health Education Program. Because We Care is a healthcare teaching service. The Washington Peace Center shares the 3rd floor of the Flemming Center with Because We Care.

The seminar was attended by many student nurses from Howard University, in addition to many other interested people. This seminar should be required for everyone with a body that needs to be taken care of. Our healthcare system is broke, and it can’t be depended on to work for us. The message of the seminar was we have to do the work of health maintenance for ourselves.

First speaker was Coy Dunston. Mr. Dunston started researching natural remedies when his mom was stricken with cancer, and his knowledge of healing herbs and remedies has expanded since then. He runs the Secrets of Nature Health Food Centers at 3923 South Capitol Street, S.W., which has a restaurant and health food store. He suggested that a completely meatless diet is the way to prevent a lot of disease from entering your body.

The second speaker was Dr. Patricia Davidson, who works in Cardiology and Hypertension at the Washington Hospital Center. Dr. Davidson suggested that a meatless diet is the best way to prevent heart disease, but if you must have meat, go with the least complex meats, like fish (fresh water is better) and chicken.

The third and last seminar was about stress, or “distress” as Dr. Cubie Bragg called it. He is a licensed social worker and psychologist at Bowie State University. Dr. Bragg spoke about what influences the stress in one’s life and how to eliminate it. He ended his session with a short meditation.

The last speaker was Robert Moment, who was there to talk about financial health. Mr. Moment’s message was to work your dream. Mr. Moment is an author on business strategy, and he passed out his business card to everyone and welcomed questions.

To end the seminar, everyone got up and joined hands in a circle, and Reverend Anderson said a prayer for the health of everyone.


Peace and Justice Awards Flyer-Please distribute widely

Get your tickets while they last.

Sunday, November 06, 2005


Justice for Guantanamo Detainees: End torture of the hunger strikers--Demonstration at the Justice Department

In July 2005, prisoners at the Guantanamo Bay military detention center for so-called terrorist detainees began a hunger strike. Since that time, over half of the detainees have participated in the hunger strike. As of September 1, 2005, almost a hundred and fifty detainees were participating in the strike, some who stopped eating, and others stopped eating and drinking.

Some of these prisoners have been force fed in a cruel and unusual manner. It is not that these prisoners are not afforded the same civil rights we in the US are supposed to have. It is that the way they are force-fed is torturous. Large tubes, the thickness of a finger, were forcibly shoved up the nose and down into the stomach, with no anesthesia provided for this procedure. Some detainees would vomit up blood, while shackled from head to toe, and taunted by their keepers.

On Tuesday, November 2nd, there was a demonstration in front of the U.S. Justice Department at 8th and Pennsylvania, NW in support of the fasting detainees of Guantanamo. Victims of torture spoke, along with ministers, an imam, and a rabbi. The demonstration was initiated by the Center for Constitutional Rights, who is working hard for justice and an end of torture for the detainees in Guantanamo Bay. More information about their cases and the extended hunger strike can be found at

Article by Nagosh Naito (c)2005 all rights reserved


Thank you Rosa Parks


Friday, November 04, 2005


On a visit to Arlington at the women's pavilion

The exhibit of Faces of the Fallen will be coming down in a week. It is an art show of images of American military men and women who made "the ultimate sacrifice" in Afghanistan or Iraq before November 11, 2004. The show would be almost twice as big if it included all the military killed up till now. There would not be enough room in the Women's Pavilion to host it.

Looking at these images, you couldn't help but notice loose change (pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters) as well as notes, letters, flags, and photos, placed on space around the soldier's image. Most heartwrenching are the pictures of the fallen soldier's children -- children who will not have the experience of growing up with their parent -- you see here what war does to families.

As I looked at the images, a Pacific Islander (by appearance) woman approached me and said, "You lost a son?" When she said that, I felt my heart move and felt deep sorrow. She told me she lost her son, and she was looking for his image in the show. I told her they were arranged by date killed. She told me he was shot in the head in Iraq in March 2004, but he died in Walter Reed Hospital. She was able to see him before he died, and she seemed grateful for that. He was her youngest child, never married, but had plans to be married when he returned from Iraq. Her sadness was palpable. Her grandson, she said, would be leaving for Iraq in a month or two. Why does she have to sacrifice more than others in our society? What is the sacrifice for? She did not say she understood why he died. She just felt the deep loss of her youngest child.

There is a sameness in feeling when visiting the Vietnam Memorial Wall and visiting the Faces of the Fallen Art Show. Friends and relatives of the fallen soldier leave mementos for the world to know they existed, and people loved them.

The last day for Faces of the Fallen is scheduled for November 11th, 2005. The famililes of the fallen soldiers will get the art images of their fallen soldier when the show breaks up.

For peaceworkers all over the DC area and beyond, the show is an important show to see.

(c) 2005 Nia Shancy
All rights reserved

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