Friday, September 30, 2005


Paul Magno puts in 24-hour day "at the office" on Monday

(c)2005 shia article/isis photo Exclusive to Washington Peace Center

On Monday, September 26th from 6:00 a.m. to Tuesday 6:30 a.m., Washington Peace Center co-coordinator Paul Magno broke all existing records for consecutive hours worked for the Washington Peace Center. Paul worked with a group of religious and secular people who agreed to be arrested for their opposition to the war in Iraq. Paul helped facilitate these arrests and ease tensions between police and the arrestees. He was especially effective in helping the police deal with the elderly and infirm dissenters.

Accompanied the entire time by his daughter Sarah Magno, the dynamic duo arose before the sun to help with the civil disobedience at the Pentagon planned by members of the War Resisters League. Forty-eight people were arrested there. After that action, Paul and Sarah accompanied the group of people who assembled at the Foundry United Methodist Church. From there, they marched to the White House, and there 378 people were arrested. After the arrests, Paul and Sarah went to Anacostia pollice processing center where the arrestees were taken. Paul and Sarah shuttled people back to the city after their processing. Most people paid a fine and forfeited getting their money back. Paul and Sarah stayed until the last arrested person was processed out and then went home to crash.

This was the dance with planned mass arrests. Unplanned mass arrests are supposed to be a thing of the past in DC. There were none in the four days of intense protest and dissent we came through in September.


New Independent Media Cafe Open for Business In Petworth

Four blocks north of the Georgia Avenue/Petworth Metro Station on the Green Line, the Al Fishawy internet cafe had its grand opening last night at 4126 Georgia Avenue, N.W. It is the brainchild and result of much hard work of Ryme Kalthouda and the DC Radio Coop. The DC Independent Media Center helped finance the clean-up and set up the computer equipment. The media segment of the cafe holds almost a dozen computers, hooked up to allow independent media makers to upload their stories and images to websites all over the world.

The entertainment was a variety of local music activists, also known as artivists and folktivists. Mitch/Midge Potts, also known as Maioan Person led off with examples of his folktivism. He was followed by many others, including Laurelle Blair with a riveting poem on what is happening today in America, Kristen Arant with her spellbinding drumming, and Mark Nickens with his soul-reaching soul music.

There was also an a poster show of Shia posters. Well-known for her PIG Art photography, Shia displayed some of her postered images of Rumsfeld, Bush and Ashcroft. The show will last a month. Others are invited to submit their work for display at the cafe.

Some folks used the computers in the background while others danced in the foreground. It was a good time with good people. When I left the cafe earlier in the day with my son, he said, "San Fran has a lot of these." It looks like Washington is finally trying to keep up with San Francisco in activism. After the great success of the days of activism this month, and the opening of this cafe, Washington's looking good for all Peace Activists.

(c) 2005 Exclusive to Washington Peace Center

Thursday, September 29, 2005


Young Women's Drumming Empowerment Project

The Young Women's Drumming Empowerment Project performs in DC

The She Poets of the Rizing Moon in Djembes (drums) have curves.

In a colossal final performance at the DC Arts Center, the six women and their leader Kristen Arant in the Young Women's Drumming Empowerment Project gave the audience more than what they came to see. The performance was accentuated by audience participation in percussion, and two women in the audience were asked to joint the performers in Afrikan dance.

After four performances in the past two weeks at the DC Arts Center, the Young Women's Drumming Empowerment Project is going on the road.

If you'd like to interview them or book them, please contact Kristen Arant at or call the Washington Peace Center at 202-234-2000. Their website is

Friday, September 16, 2005


Die-In at U.S. Capitol

On Tuesday, September 13th, a group of one hundred die-ers slunk to their deaths in front of a railroad car labeled as carrying toxic chemicals. These 100 die-ers represented the number of deaths that would occur if the railroad car were to experience an accident that would release its toxic chemical contents into the air.

(c) 2005 Exclusive to Washington Peace Center

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